Send In The Drones Inc. is an aerial inspection, survey and mapping service based in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


Sefan Tam, owner of Send In The Drones, has operated remote control cars and RV aircraft since 1985. He has extensive experience operating personal and commercial drones, and has many hundreds of hours operating drones in various locations in western Canada. Stefan is a commercially certified drone operator and possesses the Canadian Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations.


By complementing of technologies both old and new, Send In The Drones plans to one day create a multimedia platform that will maximize the efficiency of modern world tasks and make drone usage a mainstream practice.


Send In The Drones values include the willingness to learn, the passion to teach, and the benefit of insight.


Send In The Drones aims to help build the local market and create strong client connections by guiding them through important decisions and offering knowledgeable solutions.