Mapping and Surveying

Get 2D and 3D maps to fill in the gaps in satellite imaging.

Measure distance, area and volume.

Calculate field areas for agricultural applications.

Manage construction sites and check on equipment locations.


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Utilize the power and simplicity of a drone to facilitate aerial inspection of your company assets.


Drone inspection can reduce unnecessary safety risks to your staff and provide accurate results much faster. It can minimize required off-line times for equipment servicing, and facilitate insurance claim evaluations.


It can be difficult to get timely, accurate and clear information on your construction project.

Whether its a residential build or a major commercial project, periodic drone video and still imaging can be the go to solution to keep you up to date and ensure your project is meeting your objectives.

Real Estate

Drone aerial footage presents your residential and commercial property like no other view.

Show your prospective buyers all the positive features about your property, including buildings, lot size and shapes and the surroundingĀ  neighborhood.


First Responders

Help SARS, Firefighters and Law Enforcement complete their tasks.

Drones equipped with thermal imaging can ‘see’ through smoke, dust, fog and in partial or complete darkness.

This helps search and rescue locate missing persons, firefighters pinpoint hot spots after a fire and can assist law enforcement.