What is the ordering process?

Please visit the Contact Us page and send us your project requirements. We will contact you, evaulate the project and give you a quote.

Once you have approved the quote, we will work with you to schedule the drone video and still image shoot.

How do I access my video and image files?

When your drone footage is avaiable, we will send you a link so that you may preview the video. Upon your approval, we will upload the final, un-watermarked video for download. Your video will be avaiable to download for up to sixty days.

What happens if an airport is close by?

Because we are certified to fly in restriced areas, this is not normally an issue.

What are your drone pilot qualifications?

Stefan is a commercially certified drone operator and possesses the Canadian Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations. This allows him to fly in restricted airspace, over bystanders and within 30 meters of bystanders (non-certified drone operators are prohibited from flying in these areas).

Any other pilots we work with are required to have the same qualifications.